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Zae Munn: Voice
with piano, with other instruments

Lauber Lieder (1994)

soprano and piano, or

mezzo-soprano and piano

  • Slowly Op'ning Rose

  • I have washed and buttoned up

  • Geese Along the Flowage

  • The Sermon

texts by Peg Lauber



The Old Songs  (2010)

Scena for soprano and instruments

soprano, clarinet, alto saxophone, contrabass

texts by Paul Munn


Two for Three (1994)

  • For a few minutes, lie in the sun

  • Contemplate cliche angels

soprano, flute, viola

texts by Peg Lauber

What's for Supper? (1995)

  • I'll Go Along

  • What's for Supper?

  • If I Could

  • Oh No, Not Me

soprano, piano, (viola optional)

texts by Peg Lauber

Peg Carlson Lauber

Paul Munn

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