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Zae Munn

Past Performances 

* indicates premiere

Nature's Chopsticks

Ohio University New Music Ensemble
•Athens, Ohio; Nov. 7, 2015

Humor in Music Festival, Otterbein College

•Westerville, OH; Mar. 30, 2014


*South Bend, IN; Apr. 2, 2017
South Bend, IN; XXX, 2018

Start Dancing

Joanna Beaver and I-Jen Fang
•Staunton, Viriginia; Feb. 28, 2016

The Stove

WomanSong Chorale of WV
•Charleston, WV; Apr. 26, 2014
Humor in Music Festival, Otterbein College
•Westerville, OH; Apr. 1, 2014
Peninsula Women's Chorus


A. Chodorowski, T. Snydacker
•Evanston, IL; Jun. 3, 2014

•*NASA Conference; Mar. 20, 2014

Forays and Trysts

Charlotte Munn-Wood, violin
•New York, NY; May 8, 2015

•Kalamazoo, MI; Jul. 22, 2014

Garavaglia Dances
Craig Hultgren, Larry Axelrod
•South Bend, IN; Mar. 19, 2018

•Indianapolis, IN; Mar. 20, 2018

•Bloomington, IL; Mar. 21, 2018

•Decorah, IA; Mar. 24, 2018


Gregynog Ensemble
•St. Albans, England; Sept. 26, 2014
•*Hertfordshire, England.; May 4, 2014

Tenafly (NJ) Middle School  Band
*May 17, 2017  

Lyrical Limericks

Humor in Music Festival, Otterbein College

•Westerville, OH; Apr. 1, 2014

Achieving Sprezzatura
JCA Composers Orchestra, Butler U.
*Nov. 9, 2017

Always a New Now
The Red Noise 
*Westerville OH: Nov. 7, 2014

Missouri State U. Flute Day
*Apr. 22 and May 8, 2016


AnAlex Duo+Charlotte Munn-Wood
New York City ; Mar. 26, 2016

Hushed Haiku; 
South Bend Chamber Singers 
*South Bend, INDec. 17 and 19, 2017 

Like Any Pilgrim

Danielle Jagelski, Senior Recital
St. Paul, MN; May 20, 2015​

Reach Beyond Grasp, premiere

Akron New Music Festival
Akron, OH; Apr. 7, 2015

Seven Short Rhapsodies
Pam Ajango, ob, Doug Spaniol, bn
Indianapolis, IN; Nov. 7, 2017

They Were Mysterious Guests
Julian Orem, Alex Shanafelt
Oct. 7, 2017

A note from Zae: I am so appreciative when performers let me know they are performing my music, whether upcoming or in the past! Most performers get my scores from music distributors, so I won't know about it unless you tell me. Email me your performance detaiils and I will include your information on my website.

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