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• Two dozen pieces by Zae are now available for purchase at MusicaNeo--music for string and keyboard solos and duos, chamber music, treble choir, mixed choir, flex ensemble, wind ensemble, opera, and young musicians.
Zae is the Director and Resident Composer for the Saint Mary's College Summer Composition Intensive, July 6-17, 2015. 
They Were Mysterious Guests, A Parma CD featuring Timothy McAllister playing all Zae's chamber works that include saxophone, is now available: NaxosDirect--


New compositions...

• Reach Beyond Grasp is a new 8-minute piece for the Akron New Music Festival, completed in November 2014. It features three separated groups: vla/db/perc, ob/sax/perc, and fl/tp/perc.
• Flowers,
a new 20-minute work for La Catrina String Quartet is now finished. It has 3 movements:
I. Flowers, where have they gone?
II. Pressed flowers
III. Flowers from the fray

• Trio for flutist Jill Heyboer, mezzo-soprano, and trombone.
• Piece for Kim Burja and her middle school concert band.
• A new harp piece for Charles Lynch; may include other instruments...
JOMAR Press has recently published Zae's
Cascade, Music: A Love Story, The Old Songs, and a new version of Disclosure.

Video moments

From the opera Night of Blue Magic:
Opening scene
of this 14-minute opera

• From the opera Witness:
Act 1 Sc 2 The Church
(the congregation is led astray)

Nature's Chopsticks
for large flex ensemble

Grandma's Alleluia
for womens' choir