Zae Munn  (hear it pronounced)


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Summer Compostion Intensive'15

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Zae is the Director and Resident Composer for the Saint Mary's College Summer Composition Intensive, July 6-17, 2015. 
• They Were Mysterious Guests, A Parma CD featuring Timothy McAllister playing all Zae's chamber works that include saxophone, will be released March 10, 2015, and can be pre-ordered from NaxosDirect--

Musicians contributing their talents include: Kim Burja, George Sakakeeny, Sandra Jackson, David Jackson, Jill Heyboer, Tracy Satterfield, Lucia Unrau, Henry Skolnick,
Daniel Vega-Albela, Jeff Siegfried, Chet Baughman, Tom Snydacker, and David Murray.


New compositions...

• Reach Beyond Grasp is a new 8-minute piece for the Akron New Music Festival, completed in November 2014. It features three separated groups: vla/db/perc, ob/sax/perc, and fl/tp/perc.
• Flowers,
a new 20-minute work for La Catrina String Quartet is now finished. It has 3 movements:
I. Flowers, where have they gone?
II. Pressed flowers
III. Flowers from the fray

• Trio for flutist Jill Heyboer, mezzo-soprano, and trombone.
• Piece for Kim Burja and her middle school concert band.
• A new harp piece for Charles Lynch; may include other instruments...
JOMAR Press has published Zae's
Cascade, and Music: A Love Story, as well as a new version of Disclosure. Still to come is the publication of The Old Songs.

Video moments

From the opera Night of Blue Magic:
Opening scene
of this 14-minute opera

• From the opera Witness:
Act 1 Sc 2 The Church
(the congregation is led astray)

Nature's Chopsticks
for large flex ensemble

Grandma's Alleluia
for womens' choir