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A Fraction of Your Grace
In the Maze of the Moment
It's the Soup that Animates the Noodles
Lauber Lieder 
Our Hands Were Tightly Clenched
Symphony of Alcoves
Two for Three 
What's for Supper

Trumpet Calls

Grandma's Alleluia
The Muse, the Stove, and the Willow Plate 
To Be Like Music

They Were Mysterious Guests
Three Piano Pieces

Start Dancing
Tangles in the Web

Broken Tulip
Hanging Onto the Vine
Kali, She Who Devours Time
Libero Arbitrio
Music: A Love Story
No Longer Suitable for Framing
Notched Along Time's Knotted Stick
The Old Songs
Quartet Ablaze
Seven Short Rhapsodies


Build A World

Five Animal Songs

Touched to Apocalypse

Time to Face the Music

Always A New Now


The Canvas

Come With Me

Fascination at a Distance

A Fine Garment…

Forays and Trysts

Garavaglia Dances


Like Any Pilgrim

Lyrical Limericks

Nature’s Chopsticks

Night of Blue Magic

Now and Then

Ockeghem Today


Pronto, Lamento, Casino

Quantum Stew

Reach Beyond Grasp


Terrible Title Troubles

With A Vengeance

Yelling at God​