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Saint Mary's College
Summer Composition Intensive
July 8-July 19, 2013
Update: The 2013 Summer Composition Intensive is fully enrolled.
Please check back for information about the 2014 Summer Composition Intensive.

Twelve days of presentations, workshops, and lessons for composers, age 18 and over. You will work intensively with four engaging and experienced composer-teachers to develop new skills and expand old ones in a stimulating and supportive work environment. Topics will be wide-ranging and challenging, and related workshops will provide hands-on experiences appropriate for participants with a variety of backgrounds, including those with an interest in developing composition teaching materials.
Our guest instrumentalist for this first summer will be Charles Lynch, a harpist
experienced in both basic and contemporary harp techniques.
In two day-long visits, he will share his knowledge, and participants will
write short studies. He will return to perform and critique the studies


David Biedenbender
Guest Composer

Roshanne Etezady
Guest Composer

Peter Hulen
Guest Composer

Zae Munn, Resident Composer

Contact Zae by email with questions about the Saint Mary's College Summer Composition Intensive and to get on the mailing list.


Topics in the Works

• Informed borrowing
• Flexible instrumentation
• Minimalism re-imagined
• Defusing melody, rhythm, harmony
• The creative process

• Composing with gestures
• Counterpoint for composers

• Speaking pieces--escape from pitch
• Asymmetric meter
• Gestural listening, gestural composing

• Alternatives to layering technique
• To entrepreneur or not to entrepreneur
• Taking charge of Finale and Sibelius
• Reconsidering tonality
• Collaborating with performers


The Summer Composition Intensive will take place at Saint Mary's College, with meetings in the modern, air-conditioned Music Lab, Music Seminar Room, and faculty offices. 
• A typical day will include a morning guest composer presentation and related workshop activities; lunch with participants and instructors; afternoon private/small group lessons with guest and resident composers; work time with consultation available; late afternoon mini-presentation/discussion; dinner; post-dinner options, including relevant movies and documentaries, listening/discussion sessions, individual work time, off-campus activities.
Saint Mary's College is located in South Bend, Indiana, just off the I80/90 toll road, and easily accessible by car, Amtrak, Chicago South Shore train, and air.  By car, it is 1 1/2 hrs. from Chicago and Kalamazoo, and 3 hours from Indianapolis and Ann Arbor.
Check-in date will be Monday July 8, with instruction beginning that evening, and check-out date will be Friday July 19, with instruction ending in the afternoon.
Instructional fees will be about $350 for applications received by March 1. The fee will rise to $375 after March 1 for any remaining openings. The residential fees will be variable, depending on housing and dining options chosen, but are likely to about $400. Although financial details are still being finalized, it is unlikely that the total cost will go above $800 for the session.