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Sing an Opera, Sing a Song
Summer Compostion Intensive'15

Sing an Opera, Sing a Song
two composers present a new chamber opera,
songs from an opera, and a song cycle

October 14 and 21, 2012

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Sunday, October 14, 2012, 2 PM
Mt. Angel Abbey Library Auditorium St. Benedict, OR
concert performance
Sunday, October 21, 2 PM
Trinity Lutheran Church Sanctuary
Silverton, OR
concert performance
Night of Blue Magic, a story in haiku

Composer: Zae Munn
Libretto: Karen Hesse
Composed: 2012

A woman is held against her will in a secret place in the center of a lake. A horseman, assigned to guard her and prevent her escape, may also be the man to whom she has been sold. The woman’s dreams give her a chance at escape, but the horseman intercedes. A terrible battle ensues as the horseman seeks to destroy the power of her dreams. Both falter as they “drop into the soundless lake.” But the struggle and seeming defeat has transformed the horseman, and they are now able to encounter each other free of the past.  The opera ends with the hope of a new beginning.

Duration: 15 minutes

Tanya Elias, soprano

Mark Lindsey, baritone
Chorus: Priscilla Lindsey, Emily Flanagan, Jason Flanagan, Christopher Wicks
Deborah Butler, piano

Lauber Lieder (1994)
Composer: Zae Munn

The four songs are titled The Slowly Opening Rose, I Have Washed And Buttoned Up, Geese Along The Flowage, and The Sermon. The texts, by Peg Lauber, are all concerned with the theme of coping with and overcoming the burdens and challenges of life: the rose blooms but to die and renew; the child uses the pattern of daily life to cope with the loss of her mother; the chick struggles to rise from the flowage to go with the flock; and, the feeling, rhythm and power of a sermon newly inspire us.

Seven Songs on Poems of Therese of Lisieux
--from the opera I Know That God is Good

Composer: Christopher M. Wicks
Libretto: from the autobiogrphy of Therese of Lisieux
Composed: 2010-2011

The full version of this work alternates seven songs on poems by St. Therese (1873-1897) with spoken passages drawn from her autobiography, "Story of a Soul." The composer chose and translated the passages from the autobiography according to how essential they seem to the saint's identity and story, and placed them in chronological order. The seven songs then reflect on the themes raised in the readings: the inspiring power of God's creation, the redeeming power of Therese's suffering in the face of her illness and early death, her devotion to the Carmelite order and to Jesus and Mary, and her overwhelming sense of the imminence and omnipresence of the love of God.

Duration: 30 minutes

Alison Seeber, soprano
Deborah Butler, piano
Jenny Gleason, cello
Brett Randolph, trumpet

Duration: 12 minutes

Tanya Elias, soprano
Deborah Butler, piano